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Health care is a challenging and rewarding field for people who want to make a difference. Whether you want to be on the front lines in nursing, work with the people of all ages and backgrounds or provide critical back up to health care professionals, Selkirk College will help you reach your goal.

Pharmacy Technician   Nursing Unit Clerk  

Advanced Medical Transcription

Pharmacy Technician

10-Month Certificate

Program Description

This ten-month program is delivered entirely on-line for the first eight months.  This is followed by a five-week, on-site lab component and a four-week practicum in a work setting. 

Program Objectives

This program prepares a person to function, under the supervision of a pharmacist to work in either a community or health care setting performing technical production-oriented tasks. Program goals are based on the objectives found in the Accreditation Standard for Pharmacy Technician Training Program (USA National Standard set by the American Pharmaceutical Association, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians).  


Career Potential

Job Description

Pharmacy Technicians work under the supervision of a licensed Pharmacist providing skills that do not require the professional judgment of the pharmacist. Under the direction of a pharmacist, the pharmacy technician performs pharmacy-related functions, in compliance with policies and procedures that provide optimal pharmaceutical care.

Pharmacy technicians assist in a variety of technical tasks. Qualifications desired are:
  • strong organization skills
  • understanding of third party benefit plans
  • respect and confidentiality of patient information
  • computer literacy/proficiency in pharmacy software programs

Duties include:
  • compounding pharmaceuticals
  • preparing medication for dispensing
  • third party billing
  • purchasing, merchandising, inventory control and records maintenance

Career Opportunities

As a member of the healthcare team, qualified graduates find employment in clinics and retail pharmacies. New and expanding opportunities are becoming available for careers with insurance companies, pharmacy software vendors, pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical research. As healthcare organizations restructure to decrease healthcare costs, it is anticipated that a well-trained Pharmacy Technician will have increased opportunities for employment.

When considering the Pharmacy Technician Program, you may wish to do some research regarding traditional and non-traditional career opportunities. This could involve visiting your local hospital and retail pharmaciesto talk to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians about the requirements

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Nursing Unit Clerk

6-Month Distance

Program Objectives

The Nursing Unit Clerk program is learning-centered and employer focused.  The learning environment is sensitive to diverse life styles, promotes excellence, encourages life-long learning and fosters pride in one's self and one's worth.

The program provides an environment and curriculum designed to equip learners with the skills necessary to compete for employment and fulfill the role of a Nursing Unit Clerk, while encouraging a desire for life-long learning.

Career Potential

This program is designed to provide off-campus training with instructional support for students seeking future employment as a Nursing Unit Clerk within a hospital setting, and to provide certification opportunities for students currently working as unit clerks.

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Advanced Medical Transcription

9.5-Month Certificate

Program Objectives

This program, which is competency outcome based, provides an environment and curriculum specifically designed to meet the needs of the medical community for skilled medical transcriptionists. Graduates of this program have worked with authentic dictation and are able to transcribe accurate, mailable medical documents utilizing correct form and format within specified timeframes. The goal of this program is to enable graduates to make the transition to the workplace with ease.

Career Potential

Graduates are qualified to compete for entry level positions as medical transcriptionists in hospitals, physicians offices, medical clinics, or on-line transcription services.

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