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Edwards School of Business (University of Saskatchewan) Canada

Edwards MBA Program

The Edwards School of Business has a long-standing history of business education excellence; due to our continual evolution, is one of the most innovative Master of Business Administration programs in the country.

Planning Your Program

The Edwards MBA intensive and highly integrated format will develop your management ability in an applied and useful way. More than that, you will learn the people skills of management such as how to manage, how to communicate effectively, and how to lead.

A decidedly unique aspect of this innovative MBA program is the focused learning and integration of business concepts.  Each course is offered consecutively in a modular format. Courses are scheduled in three week durations creating an intensive learning environment that immerses students in the subject area while allowing flexibility in scheduling your MBA education.  Furthermore, our students learn how business concepts are integrated into business decisions through a combination of applied courses, exercises, case studies and projects incorporating each functional business area.

Course Start Date:

Candidates commence studies in September of each year.

Program Duration:

Choose the program that's right for you!The Edwards MBA can be completed full time in 12 months, or you can choose between the 2 or 3 year part time programs.

Tuition Fees:

Program tuition fees are approximately $24, 000 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents (prorated by course) and $36, 000 for international visa students, plus the cost of textbooks and graduate student fees.  All fees are payable per term and assessed on a per-course basis. 

Deadlines for Application:

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and are evaluated in the order in which they are completed.  Therefore, it is to your advantage to submit your complete application as early as possible. The admission process is competitive and later applications will be at a disadvantage. The deadline for Canadian applicants is May 31 of each year.

International Applicants: The deadline to submit completed applications is March 31.  International applicants must apply by this date to accommodate the visa process.

Application Fee:

A $75.00 non-refundable application fee is required to process your application, which is payable by credit card.

Key Features

International Study Tour

Each student participates in a tour to a selected country and involves a variety of initiatives, such as business meetings with local executives and Canadian trade commissioners, company visits, factory tours, cultural excursions, networking opportunities and more. Past study tours have visited China, India and Brazil.

Integrative Modules

Scheduled at various points throughout the program, these modules provide opportunities to integrate and apply the knowledge gained in functional areas.  The course will be a blend of short lectures, in-class case analysis and discussion as well as both group and individual case analysis.

Management Consulting Project

Partnering with industry, this project will lead students through the management consulting process, including developing the proposal, carrying out the work plan, analyzing the results, drawing conclusions, formulating recommendations, drafting the final consulting report, and liaising with the business client throughout each stage. This ensures students gain experience in project management and development and cultivating business relationships.

Edwards MBA Internship Program

No Work Experience No Problem! The MBA Internship Program is an optional program offered to Edwards MBA students hoping to gain relevant work experience in their field of interest. The program consists of two four-month work terms starting in January of the first year of study. As an internship student who secures a work placement (placements are not guaranteed), you will register in two permission-only MBA courses (zero credit), and will be a paid, full-time employee gaining meaningful work experience related to your area of study.

Career Services

A critical component of an MBA program is the attention to career opportunities. The Edwards MBA is proud of Edwards Career Services, which works with our MBA students, graduates, and alumni in their career development and management processes. We provide advice, resources, information, counseling, recruiting services and access to employment opportunities, all designed to empower students to manage their career and to assist employers through the process of hiring and employing Edwards MBA graduates and alumni.

Alumni Profile

I use my MBA education daily in my career in absolutely everything I do.  Being self employed means you have your finger in everything. For me, the Edwards MBA program gave me a taste of all areas in business, and it helped me understand better what I was doing on the business and management end.

 Besides the classes, I found the relationships with the students to be very rewarding.  I also found that, from a business point of view, I have used the instructors in a consulting capacity for my business and board work.  The contacts made are very valuable.

 It was not easy, running a practice and being a single parent, but it was all worth it. I've demonstrated that you can do whatever you want if you want it badly enough.  I am open to opportunities and I have the confidence to go after what I want and I will!

Alumni Profile

Dorothy L. Barrie, Optometrist,

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